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Children’s vacation in the Carpathians on the Yablynytsky Pass

On August 13, we sent children from all over Ukraine to the Radist camp, which is located on the Yablunytsky Pass on the border of the Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions.

Of course Mur-Mur provided comfort and delicious food in advance! We provided snacks such as cookies and juices, but @box_catering_ukraine helped us with a full meal! Thank you friends for such deliciousness!

The main goal of the camp is to create favorable conditions for the simultaneous development of children and improvement of their health in the healing Carpathians and in a cozy atmosphere of friendly company.

Camping in the Carpathians is cool, because the forests there are characterized by a high concentration of oxygen. In forest air, oxygen ionization is 2-3 times more than in sea air, and 8-10 times more than in the atmosphere of industrial cities.

But besides health it is important for us to give children full and happy summer holidays creating memories which will warm them in cold winter evenings!

Children are our future! We must protect, safeguard and give them the best.

This is what motivates us to continue our work.


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