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About the fund

Charity is about the future, about goodness

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Without hesitation but only with hope and faith in the future

The idea of creation of Mur-Mur  Charity Foundation arose long before the war, in 2021. Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine once again proved that  we can never have too many people who can help. On the contrary, we need as many organizations as possible that will protect and help all those who need support in such difficult times.

Let’s get acquainted more closely

My name is Maria Vronska, I am the founder of Mur Mur charity foundation. My first pet project - Gostomel animal shelter.

Unfortunately it was severely damaged due to occupation and shelling. Together with my family, who also deal with the shelter, we have gone through tough times. These events did not break me, they made me stronger as well as my desire to help.


I have been dealing with animals all my life. Gostomel shelter was founded by my grandmother Asya Vilhelmivna. For the last 23 years her hard work has been so important. From a young age I helped my grandmother.


I grew up in an atmosphere of kindness and mutual assistance. My childhood shaped my outlook on life and made my heart open to charity.

I want and can do more so why delay?

With the beginning of war the scope of the goals have widened - to help as many people as possible and help those who need it. 

To extend a helping hand to animals, pensioners, children and of course all those who have suffered from the war and who protect us from it. 

I plan to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, help children and settlers, organize entertaining and educational training camps.


We already work closely with many volunteers who often visit the front line hottest points and of course we help and we will help animals.

Why one more?

The more people who help and do good deeds the stronger our country becomes. Charity will help shape a better future. 

There are many families, children and animals who need help. Current funds cannot cope with the number of requests for help they receive. That’s why I want more people to get a helping hand. This vision motivates and energizes me. 

And on this wave of compassion my team and I will work wonders and you can contribute to.

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