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Help to the family of settlers from the Zaporizhzhia region

We respond immediately to everyone who contacts us and we try to provide you with everything necessary.

Last week we received a request from Natalie. She and her family were forced to flee the Zaporizhzhia region at the beginning of war. Instead of joyful summer walks the little girls are forced to stay at home and hide in the basement and freeze when hearing any loud sound. They should not have this kind of life at such an age. Of course we could not ignore her story. We bought everything necessary and sent it to her. As a result we received huge gratitude filled with warmth.

Natalie commented:

“Good evening. I am very grateful to you for your help and attention. Such a big parcel and so many necessary and precious things for us in such difficult times. Special thanks for the buckwheat. My daughter said that it was gold at that moment. Let your goodness come back to you a thousand times more”.

Mr-Mur is happy helping others🧡


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